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Han Van Meegeren is under house arrest for treason for selling a Dutch national treasure painting by Vermeer to the Nazi leader, Hermann Goering. Han claims the painting is a forgery and to prove it he will paint another. The authorities give him six weeks to paint "Christ and the Scribes", while being interviewed by Jane Stein, a reporter from the Saturday Evening Post, who thinks he may be telling the truth. Han recounts his transformation from idealistic student, to struggling artist, to wealthy forger, to traitor, to national hero. Ironically, his deepest desire is for
the world to recognize his genius, but he must keep it one of the biggest secrets in art history. His story exposes the contradictions of being an artist and of how we perceive and value art, in a tale so absurd and with a character so flawed, it can only be true…

Simon Bowler

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