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A simple misunderstanding between two men is interpreted as an attack on family. Between Eastern, especially Middle Eastern, culture and Western culture, there is a thicker 'border' around family and what family represents in Eastern culture. Growing up in a Chinese-Iranian household in the Midwest, there is an observable difference in this aspect. Especially when health comes into play, family and only family, matters the most. In this case, it reaches a level of stubbornness and isolation that can prove detrimental to all parties involved. Outside help is pushed aside as the patriarch of the family feels that it is their responsibility to lead the way.

I hope you enjoy this, thanks for your time.

Saam Momayez
I am currently a Junior at Indiana University stuck majoring in Biotechnology. For years, writing and film as been in the forefront if my interest and aspirations. Over the years and in my free time, I have accumulated a portfolio of my work. I am determined to create my own path and turn my interest into a future.

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