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Charlie fights her demons from the past, ruled by fear and depression. Will she find the strength to take that first step towards the beckoning light?

Filmlevision Presents

London Challenge Team
Filmmakers Collab

Charlie - Zoe Cunningham
Courrier - Donghoon Kang

Director - Honey McKenna
Writer - Danyal Dhondy
producer - Malin Frank
1AD - Metello Giordani
Cinematography 0- Gunel Manafova
Camera Operator - Nick Brown
Editor - Valerio Persia
Costume Designer - Annushka Rogers
Music Composer Danyal Dhondy
Boom operator - Valerio Persia
Sound Recordist - Herty Owusu
Art Direction - Honey McKenna

Executive Producers
Annushka Rogers
Herty Owusu

London, UK
A team of determined filmmakers putting our resources together to sharpen our skills and experiences, create amazing works and have fun doing it! more...

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