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Growing up as the only black person throughout most of my adolescence left me wanting to change how I acted, the way I dressed, and how I spoke to fit in. I choose to create the film Fly as an amalgamation of code-switching, belonging, and what it means to be “Black”.

The main character Eric is at this intersection. He is a mediocre hip-hop dancer blatantly unaware of the ways he is changing himself in order to feel belonging.

Adam Mbowe is a Gambian/Canadian, Montreal-based filmmaker. Creating art through moving images has given her the means to describe experiences that may otherwise be forgotten or rarely explained. It has given her the power to illustrate blackness and queerness through film as reclamation. With her work, she is inspired by the inherent value of simple memories and how these tiny poignant moments almost escape description yet say so much. She hopes to continue to create entertaining films that resonate and keep viewers subtly reflecting. more...

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