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This is a short film about loss. When my mom asked me to go to visit my father's grave with her, I was anxious about the feelings I would have and the memories it would bring up. I felt like this is a common theme as we have all lost people we love, so I wanted to try and capture that.
I am new to filmmaking. I shot this on my iPhone. I am working on telling a story and getting new and interesting shots and camera angles. I am used to being a YouTuber which is a whole different pacing, so I would like some feedback on my storytelling, specifically if it makes sense, and also on my camera work and what I could have shot more creatively. And lastly I would love some feedback on my transitions.

I am an autistic musician ,YouTuber and filmmaker. I am interested in branching out into making short and feature length documentaries. I want to tell the stories of my community, which is a small country town in Florida. I also want to tell the stories of the autism community. Even though autism has made a lot of things harder in my life, I like the way it makes me look at things in a unique way. I have fallen in love with telling stories and crafting them so that the audience is moved or entertained. I am in the beginning stages of filming my first feature length documentary, and I am also making some short films in the meantime. more...

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