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From Buenos Aires, Argentina. A Sci-fi short film in a music video style, there will be no band or interpret in the video, only the story. I'm the best for the job because the idea is born from my own dreams or nightmares, and being an Illustrator myself, I work every frame as a painting to achieve the narrative so strongly connected visually through symbolism. Thank you!

Buenos Aires, Argentina
From the far south of the world, Fernando is a real renascentist filmmaker. Throughout his career he achieved a personal aesthetic and narrative that he developed writing, directing and producing audiovisual pieces in different formats and budgets. With a passion for long working hours and teamwork he goes over and over on every project to get to the very core of it. His style is where eye-candy scenes meet an unconventional look within, to show a different side of things and to produce thought provoking stories. more...

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