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A Drama that takes place on the backstage of a marionette show.
This short film follows "El Triste", an old used ragdoll-like marionette, and his journey of self-acceptance and discovery as he decides to do all it takes to prove to himself and his fellow puppets that he is valuable and worthy of admiration.

This short film speaks about a universal fear: Not being good enough.This terror has driven not only humans but all living things to both glory and tragedy. The entertainment world with all its heart and passion but also its sexism, materialism, and racism.

Manuel Del Valle is a Mexican film director and producer in his early twenties based in Los Angeles, California. Del Valle’s focus is in narrative form, primarily independent films but extends to commercials and music videos. His early but intensive education includes ArtCenter College of Design, California College of the Arts, New York Film Academy, and HBO’s sponsored workshop Tomorrow’s Filmmakers Today. His narrative work is often described as bedtime stories crafted for adults where genre-blending takes center stage. His latest short films have been selected for HBO's New York Latino Film Festival, Urbanworld Film Festival and the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences hosted showcase titled Latinx & Hispanic Cinema- Generational Echoes. more...

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