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This is an excerpt from a dark comedy tv pilot. It won first place at London Film Awards (2017).

Growing up in the country I raised animals on a farm. It meant that from a very young age, I buried a lot of bodies in the back yard. I learned to cope with the trauma of loosing my pets, my animals and even my family to old age and sickness by imagining the landscape of death and where everyone went when we died. I looked at death as a celebration, a party we all get to attend and imagined life after death as an office where we trudge through the work without the possibility of happy hours and vacations.

I love writing for diversity in ethnicity but also in age! My lead character is a woman over sixty who sacrificed her family life in order to succeed at business. Now that she’s dead she’s doing her damndest to reconnect with her two daughters and make amends but still has the pressures of balancing her work, her life and her after-life.

Holie Barker

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