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Official Prompt: In this challenge, participants are required to play with genres. Using at least 3 identifiable genres, your task is to combine, weave, question, mock, embrace, dissect and/or analyze various styles and themes into a unique short film. Action, comedy, horror… whatever it may be, we want you to engage with genre categories unlike ever before. (IN 3 MINUTES OR LESS)

Directed by Ethan and Jonathan Ocampo
Written by Ethan Ocampo, Jonathan Ocampo, Melanie An
Photographed by Ethan Ocampo
First AD, Assistant Editor, Boom Operator, Sound Mixer - Melanie An
Gaffer and PA - Kaohom Boonyalai


Isabella Griggs
Kevin Gramling
Toby Cole
Melanie An

Music from MusicBed

Captured on Sony
Edited on Adobe

For the Russo Brothers' AGBO 2nd Annual 48 Hour No Sleep 'till Film Fest Competition

Jonathan Ocampo is a 21-year old, Filipino American film director and writer based in the Sacramento Area. He is currently a 2nd-year undergraduate student at the University of Southern California pursuing a Film and Television Production degree with a minor in Screenwriting. Jonathan writes and directs most of his work alongside with his twin brother, Ethan Ocampo (collectively known as the Ocampo brothers) who is also attending the University of Southern California. more...

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