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Shot in my garage for no budget on my phone, DON'T GO is a brief exploration of anxiety and the paralyzing fear of life's many unknowns. Having spent such a large part of my life scared of the world and what it might have in store for me, I wanted to visualize the confrontation that so many of us try to make every day by lowering our defenses and venturing into the unpredictable, tonally schizophrenic, and ceaseless parade of life. Sometimes it's too much to handle, forcing you back into your shell, and that's ok. Tomorrow, you'll take the reigns.

Orange, CA, USA
Zoe Bell is a 19-year-old amateur filmmaker based in Orange, California. Born in San Francisco in 2001, she has been watching and inspired by films for her entire life, creating LEGO stop-motion videos for YouTube when she was still in elementary school. Now studying political science at Chapman University, she wants to continue to make the personal and independent films that she loves creating so much. more...

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