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My feature film script, Cunda Kids, takes place in 1992 at an old orphanage in Cunda Island, Turkey. Six friends who live there discover a hidden room in the basement that has not been opened for at least 50 years and has been used by the Greek Kids who inhabited the building before them. The items they leave behind are the key parts of a mystery that surrounds the island. While one of the kids discover a hidden part of his family through their remains, the rest of them decide to follow the puzzle of the room around the island as a means save the orphanage that is intended to be converted into a hotel very soon. This will be a difficult journey though, because they will begin to reveal the secrets of the people on the land and even of each other.

I wrote this as a feature film script, but I had struggles with my antagonists until last week, finally I shaped them in a way I am satisfied with where the good and bad forces are intertwined. So now I am at the process of completing my second draft.

Öykü Dikmen

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