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Thanksgiving dinner with the Ronson family takes a wild turn after the arrival of a surprise guest lays bare a family secret.

I'm a Midwest-based writer who loves film and have completed two novels and several feature-length screenplays. Am currently exploring different genres and haven't yet settled on a specific one. Mostly I strive to tell a good story.

Mary Farmer
Chicago, IL, USA
I'm a Midwest-based (for now) writer who has written two fiction novels and is currently transitioning to screenwriting. I don't have a favorite genre, I'm still experimenting to find my niche but feel most connected to comedy, drama, thriller, and action/adventure stories. I also love period dramas and stories from a simpler time, and have lately been fascinated by mid to late 19th century fiction (especially works by lesser-known authors other than Austen, Twain, etc.) and period magazines. I'd love to have one of my scripts optioned/produced and/or be hired to write for film or television. I am currently pre-WGA and looking for representation.

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