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Zoe Kaplan has had it with life and is at the brink of a quarter life crisis when she comes to the realization that life would be easier as man. So on the eve of her 30th birthday, when she discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her with the double jointed barista from their morning coffee spot, she makes a wish. Zoe wishes that for once she was the boss, instead of her rude and inconsiderate male boss, and she wishes that she could sleep with as many people as she wants to without being labeled a slut. She says “I just wish I had a dick. Is that so much to ask?”. When she wakes up the next day, it is with complete shock that Zoe is greeted by an impressive piece of morning wood. How can this be? Zoe grew a dick! She tries to keep her new addition a secret, but before long she is getting boners in the buffet line at lunch, and she lets her best friends in on her secret. When her boyfriend comes crawling back, Zoe must find a way to conceal her penis until she can figure out how to get rid of it, and without health insurance, the task seems nearly impossible. After a hilarious journey featuring her newfound life as a cock owner, Zoe finally finds the “balls”, so to speak, to tell her selfish boyfriend and hostile boss to take a hike. And suddenly...when she finds balls of her own, she doesn't need the real ones anymore.

New York/Connecticut based Portfolio: 10 features, 2 TV Series. more...

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