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Logline: A routine investigation for a private detective sends him
on a mysterious journey of deceit, murder and corruption.

Original ending
An ambushed Jake Gittes arrives in Chinatown, at the point of a gun. He intended to meet Evelyn Mulwray, as she attempts to flee her sexually abusive father Noah Cross but the protagonists are surprised by the police. Confusion ensues as arrests are made and Evelyn is shot after fleeing with her daughter. Evelyn’s father is now her daughters only legal guardian.

Although the ending, in keeping with the rest of the film, is well crafted and complete there is a possibility to give the film another ending. This involves Lou Escobar (who worked with Jake Gittes in Chinatown) coming to the same conclusions as Gittes. This could easily be the case as Gittes himself answers "very" when asked by Noah Cross if Escobar is competent earlier in the film. In the same conversion he also vouches for Escobar's honesty. Given that Escobar was clearly working on the case, as can be seen when he is in Ida Sessions home and in possession of the photos that Gittes has taken. All that is left is for Escobar to use this information in a manor in keeping with the themes of the film.

Liverpool, UK

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