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My submission is a sequence from the third act of a recent feature script of mine, “Children Alone in the Dark”.
The plot centers on the character of Isabelle, an upper class woman whose struggles with midlife crises and body image disorder lead to the breakup of her marriage. Soon after her marriage falls apart, Holden, her husband passes away in a car crash. Grief and a profound sense of guilt pushes her into a severe form of depression. Following advice of her therapist she moves into her family’s old vacation house in the countryside. Soon, she gets to know humble and welcoming people of a nearby town, picks up her old hobby and starts painting again and takes long, meditative walks in the forest.
Troubles start when she meets a charismatic young man, Harrison, on a Sunday market. He is highly intellectual, empathetic and greatly curious about her. They gradually grow together, their relationship becoming highly ambiguous. Soon, he moves into her home and filters into every corner of her life. They share intimate details of their pasts. He talks about being abandoned by his alcoholic mother who considered him being “the biggest mistake of her miserable life”, growing up in an orphanage and the troubles of becoming a self-made man with no support system. She in exchange starts slowly opening up about her own issues, low self-esteem and traumas that shaped her personality. The more time they spend together, the more she becomes bound to him. However, her physical state starts to decay suspiciously and by the time this particular sequence starts she is aware that he has severe psychological and behavioral problems related to his painful childhood and lack of mothering…
Throughout the course of this sequence she finds the courage and passion for life that makes her fight against her exterior obstacles and finds the power to surrender to her own emotions and come to terms with herself, her past and her feelings.
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Kata Nagy

Budapest, Hungary
I am a young artist who, for the last four years, have been lucky enough to work on short movies, music videos and plays as a director/writer in Hungary, Italy and in the USA. I firmly believe in the power of film, the life-changing effect of a long bath, the health benefits of a good spicy guacamole and the significance of love and understanding. more...

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