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In a not so far future, an object has been discovered. Democracy shows its perks and the voting begins. What will be the fate of this unspecified object? What will be the fate of humanity?

New York, NY, USA
Hello! I am a filmmaker born in Turkey and currently getting educated in NYC. I have grown up to be an art lover from a very early age. My culture, its history, myths and literature raised me to who I am today. The colors of my past embellish my present and future. With what I have in my hands and my mind, I do art freely and creatively but also with ideological concerns. My art is my politics, my art is the way I yell to the world, I see you... I believe that for human beings the ability to see is extremely important. Being aware of what we see, internalizing it, reacting and empathizing to it are what makes us humans. Film is a way to see, art is a way to see, traveling, reading, sharing, volunteering, participating are all ways to see and if you once see it there is no way you can unsee it. There is no turning back. Your heart and your mind are opened to the universe. more...

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