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A struggling young actress is cast in a film by a mysterious production company; as she prepares for her role the character's fictitious narrative starts to bleed into her reality.

This is a rough cut of the short as we are looking for all as much constructive feedback as possible. After a cut has been lock film will go onto sound and color.

I served as the director of this film and this was my first time directing a narrative short.

New York, NY, USA
Brandon Haynes is a narrative and commercial director of photography, based in New York City, NY. Since 2009, Brandon has been capturing light through his ever-changing lens. Based in his native New York, he is a self-taught visual artist blending the worlds of music, fashion, and sports. His drive to continually perfect his craft, and capture a striking balance of color and shadow, has allowed him to shoot for a diverse array of clients including Hennessy, Uptown, Adidas, Essence, BET and Google. more...

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