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Originally, I wanted to explore grief and loss, something I had not experienced before. Then, as we entered post-production, I lost a friend to suicide. It shook my world. Working on Candles helped me understand the grief in a more intimate way. When you lose someone, their life as a whole is not what hits you in the aftermath, but the smaller things you never get back: the scent of their clothes, the taste of their favorite food, the music they would play. It is a quiet and reflective piece that helps me and others cope in a cerebral way.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
I am a woman of many hats. Quite literally, I have a collection of over forty of them. Besides that, I am a writer, director, producer, and 1st Assistant Director with my work, accomplishments, and accolades displayed on my website, www.vulcat.com. A recent graduate of USC School of Cinematic Arts with a BFA in Film and TV Production, I have worked on various short films and music videos in many capacities. I aspire to work on feature films in the near future all around the world that tell stories in multi-lingual scripts and diverse music as an implicit storytelling tool with a common theme of "coming of age at any age". Being from a Polish immigrant household, I developed a passion for languages at a young age, speaking English, Polish and French fluently and currently working on Italian and Icelandic. I also grew up around classical and jazz music, playing piano for about twenty years and flute for almost fifteen years, performing both instruments at several concerts in Carnegie Hall, NY in 2016. With a unique lens of music, travel, and languages, I strive to push the boundaries of visual storytelling and what coming of age means to audiences of today. Whether it be a high school puppeteer finding his own voice or a retired Polish sculptor seeing his long-time muse in a renewed way, I love to collaborate with all artists from all walks of life to answer my own questions of identity as well as create some new ones to think about. more...

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