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A Day In The Life of a Creator | By Manuel S. Umo | Los Angeles, CA

Reflections of a Journey. 

Santa Monica, CA, USA
Manuel S. Umo started his career as a filmmaker by being embedded in conflict zones such as Kosovo and the Middle East, where his collaborations with BBC World gave him the opportunity to get experience operating a camera, editing and producing.  After studying film at the SPS department of NYU he began shooting his first shorts in New York where he was granted an 01 Visa based on his extraordinary achievements and later a green card. He moved to Los Angeles to form his own production company which gave him the platform to produce, direct and create brand content for multiple companies.  “Todos” is his first feature film, shot in Mexico, during the unprecedented time of the world pandemic, with a story of street horse racing.  Manuel is originally from Spain and loves to frequently revisit the countries where he grew up as a child, France, Portugal and England. He speaks four languages.  more...

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