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Logline: A coming of age story about three black males attempting to navigate the tumultuous streets of South Central Los Angeles where dreams are most often deferred by bullets.

Final Scene: Ricky and Dough Boy have a kerfuffle regarding going to the corner store. Ricky angrily exits the yard with Tre, heads to the store and unfortunately crosses paths for the second time with Ferris, a known member of Crenshaw Mafia.

Ricky and Tre split up to distract Ferris and his cronies, but the plan backfires when Ricky is a tad too leisurely and takes time to urinate and scratch a lottery ticket. Tre watches from a distance as Ferris shoots Ricky in the back then cradles him and suffers the misfortune of watching his best friend, a kid with an incredibly promising future, take his last breath.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
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