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Shot guerrilla-style on my old Samsung Note 5 with no accessories, Blind Date is a story about missed connections due to unconscious expectations/biases. I had an interesting conversation about dating rules and such and was moved to make this however I could. It's not my best work, but I hope it somewhat makes the point.

Ally and Grasso accidentally find each other on a chat forum and hit it off. They decide to meet and make it a true blind date by not looking up what the other looks like on social media -- cute. They pick a place -- the mall. They pick identifying markers -- Ally in a red dress with a red flower in her hair. Great. Let the fun begin!

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Writer-director of the award-winning short films " Asa, A Beautiful Girl," "A Day in the Life of Who," "Blind Date," and most recently "Utopia." Mom to the cutest little Shih Tzu, Orlando, and based in Los Angeles, CA.

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