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Bleed With Me showcases sixteen people’s perceptions and experiences of menstruation, and calls for increased conversations about menstruation. Menstruation is a biological process that approximately half the world experiences at some point in their lives. However, society stigmatizes menstruation. By presenting a range of different perspectives on menstruation, Bleed With Me highlights that menstruation is experienced subjectively, and impacts people’s lives deeply. As such, this film seeks to de-stigmatize menstruation by encouraging open, and honest conversations about menstruation.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
My name is Varsha, and I am a third-generation Indo-Canadian artist, filmmaker, and birth doula. My work analyzes social oppression and articulates solutions to the resulting inequality that exists in our world today. I approach my work in all these realms, dedicated to reimagining the world as a place that holds many possibilities for transformation and social justice. The intention of my work is to inspire audiences to think critically about the feminist issues that often get overlooked in society. more...

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