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(Initial situation inspired by a real person--a long-time Harley rider--though this story is fictional.) What does a biker look like? In this case it looks like a 64-year-old former high school homecoming queen in a small town in Michigan. Lainie rode for 35 years alongside her husband Andy—on her own bike, because she “liked the power to determine my own destiny.” But Andy died of cancer two years ago, and a devastated Lainie has not recovered. When her friend Jo invites Lainie on a bike ride to California to visit her mother, she declines. But Jo, with a little trickery (okay, a bold-faced lie), takes advantage of Lainie’s compassionate nature to rouse her into getting back on her bike. Once they’re on the road, troubles and joys small and large both push the pair apart and bind them together. But will Jo’s lie unravel the whole thing? And are these two biker babes just too old for this shit?
(The current script is somewhat of a jigsaw puzzle. I plan to bring it together after I --also 64--learn to ride a motorcycle next spring.)

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