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Reachable only by bush plane, boat or ice road during the winter months, Kwethluk, AK is in many ways removed from modern society. The Central Yup’ik village’s indigenous population enjoys a strong connection to the land and one another rooted in their subsistence lifestyle and remote location. But outside influences have steadily crept into the fabric of life on the "bad river.” This short documentary, told through the lens of three Native elders, chronicles the changing world of a village reckoning with the effects of modernization, the public school system, and climate change on the numerous values and traditions that residents cherish.

Miami, FL, USA
I'm a filmmaker and artist from Miami, Florida. Since graduating from Kenyon College in 2019 with a BA in Film, I have been putting my degree to work, freelancing as a videographer, production assistant, and independent filmmaker. With experience in narrative, documentary, and commercial film production, I draw upon a diverse skillset to get the job done. I approach each project with passion, flexibility, and professionalism, serving the story at hand with an open mind and heart and embracing the collaborative, artistic nature of my endeavors. I'm currently focused on building my body of work as a director. more...

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