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My chronic disability from MS is one of my greatest strengths. Another is my family roots: a second-generation Jamaican immigrant, I grew up in a small home in the Bronx with nine other people. Yet another power source is my education: I've earned tassels from Princeton, UC Berkeley, Stanford Law School, and UCLA Extension. A reporter before I was an attorney, I discovered screenwriting as a production lawyer at NBC. My contest wins and placements include recognition by ScriptFest; PGA Power of Diversity Workshop; SAGindie Fellowship for Stowe Story Labs; Black List x Women In Film Episodic Lab; and PAGE International. Currently, when I'm not writing, I'm Head of Legal for Cinema & Marketing at Dolby, where tech empowers creativity. I'm represented by Jeff Portnoy at Bellevue Productions and Michael Kolodny & Tahira Martemucci at Kaplan Stahler.

Shani A. Moore

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