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Perpetually broke, undocumented immigrant Riley, sells the rights to her image to a robotics company, but once she signs the contract, what they do with her likeness is completely out of her hands.

London, UK
Rebecca Shortall is a Second City and Monkey Toast trained improviser and stand-up comedian. While Rebecca is a born and bred Londoner, she has been performing on the New York stand-up circuit for the past two years and was a comedian in residence at the Upright Citizens’ Brigade. Rebecca has appeared in several of BBC Three's Things Not to Say videos and was described as looking rather "lesbian tbh" by one YouTube commenter. They're not entirely wrong? She has written for websites such as Ranker and Spoiled NYC and currently writes for the Big Issue. She has a Masters Degree from the University of Sussex in Media and Cultural Studies. The Masters degree doesn’t do much more than allow her to say she has a MA, and to drop the word “heteronormative” into as many conversations as possible. Rebecca has also worked in the kitchen of an Italian restaurant in New York but she can’t name which restaurant as she was an undocumented immigrant at the time and she wouldn’t want to get anyone in trouble. more...

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