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** Pw: AnyoneAtAll

I’ve always been fascinated by the internal world of others. Rather than fact, it is the way in which we interpret the world that better describes who we are. Anyone at all is a film about a state of mind, where a quixotic impersonator re-imagines the world around him, transforming the mundane into the sublime.

My interest in the act of impersonation stems from my own first grade performance of Blue Suede Shoes. I stood before my class in sideburns and aviators, lip-syncing to evade reading my presentation aloud. Little did I know that this performance would find poetic expression eighteen years later when I wrote Anyone At All.
I wrote the script just after I moved from Oakland to L.A.,. I missed the communal atmosphere of my city and was put off by the gates that separate private from public space. In L.A., homes and apartments are fenced off, inspiring a need for barriers. This applies not only to physical space but also to the need for separation between “private life” and public persona.

This idea of a fractured self and space found its way into the film, where a security guard stands watch over the barrier between public and private property. This is put into relief when the boundary between external and internal self becomes increasingly difficult for him to safeguard.

As a female filmmaker, I was asked why I wrote a film about a man. The answer is that I am interested in the internal world of others, of their vulnerabilities and difficulties with identity. The film follows a man who exists on the fringe of society, disempowered and divorced from classical tropes of masculinity. I worked with many talented female crew members who poured themselves into bringing this story to life. Hopefully the choices we made to tell his story benefited from our female perspective and illuminate something different about manhood.

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