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First dates can be nerve-wracking.

ANYA is a short about a first date with a sci-fi twist.

This is the first draft. ANYA is actually my first ever full short, though I've dabbled in writing scenes from time to time.

I'm particularly interested in hearing feedback about how the phone call can best be depicted on screen. Would an intercut be more interesting? Or is it currently short enough that simply hearing the second person suffices?

Other feedback is always welcome as well, of course.

Radha is a physicist, scientific consultant, and writer, who recently submitted a PhD thesis in theoretical quantum physics. She believes in the importance of science communication that is engaging, relatable, and accurate. In this regard, she contributes to Film Inquiry as a science columnist, has become the first science contributor to Indian news website The Quint, and consults on science fiction screenplays, books, and other entertainment/media projects. She was born and raised in the United States, and currently lives in India.

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