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A Chinese-American girl must convince her American husband to eat fermented eggs in an effort to impress her strict mother.

A comedy by Ryan Larkin and Weiyang Li.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
Ryan Larkin is a writer-director from Long Island, NY. He began making films as an undergraduate at Cornell University, shooting short projects on DSLRs and 16mm. After graduation, Ryan moved to Los Angeles to complete an MFA degree at Loyola Marymount University’s School of Film and Television. Ryan has directed many films over the last few years, most recently the prize-winning shorts STUCK (2018) and TO SMELL THE ROSES (2019). Both films reflect his interest in cultural and generational conflict; as a half-Chinese filmmaker living in a polarized society, Ryan enjoys writing characters that feel stuck between two worlds. His films visualize and unpack the resulting tension, enabling viewers to examine familiar problems in new ways. more...

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