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"All My Friends Are White, All My Exes Are White" is Michelle van der Poel's debut short film about relationships in our youth.
An experimental personal documentary that explores relationships and friendships particularly to process a fluid sense of identity and belonging as a person of mixed race. These images and music are months of observing myself and those around me, with inspiration from Kirsten Johnson's "Cameraperson" (2016)

Santa Cruz, CA, USA
Michelle van der Poel (b.1994) is a filmmaker who uses experimental, documentary and narrative techniques to explore the fluidity of identity in friendships and relationships. A child of immigrant parents from Holland and Japan, Michelle grew up in Berkeley, California where her experience as a mixed race person informed her work. After studying at a bible college in Carnforth, England, she moved to back to California to pursue a BA in film production at The University of Santa Cruz, California. Michelle's films, videos and photography have been presented at student film festivals and student exhibitions at the universities in England and Santa Cruz. She is currently finishing her BA in film production and will graduate in Spring 2020. more...

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