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A young couple, separated and isolated during quarantine, drift apart and need to look inwards to reconnect with each other.

Adrift is an experimental short shot during the UK lockdown. It was filmed entirely on mobile devices by the actors, unscripted, improvised, and without the use of dialogue.

The aim was to translate the daily experience of being in lockdown -
the waiting, the uncertainty, the frustration, and the hopelessness -
and to blur the lines between fiction and documentation.

This is a nearly final version, the duration is a concern, but we would love to hear your feedback, especially in regards to the emotion you felt while watching it.

Thank you.

Brighton, UK
I wrote and directed the micro-budget feature CAT SKIN (2017) which won the Jury Award at the 35th Chicago LGBTQ+ International Film Festival. ​ My screenplay ONE LAST RUN (2019) reached the ScreenCraft Film Fund semifinals and I was recently assigned a mentor at ScreenSkills. more...

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