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A young man tries to escape the advertising that is invading his dreams. An exploration of modernization, monetization and how it affects our lives.

Los Angeles, CA, USA
A Colorado-born filmmaker, Noah was raised in the rural farming community of the San Luis Valley, known for potato farming and UFO sightings. Living in the American Southwest, Noah’s experience of art was based in rural life, in myths and legends of times gone by and in the strange happenings of a secluded farm town. Georgia O’Keefe, Allan Houser, El Chupacabra and UFO sightings all played into who he was as an artist. After graduating high school, he left his rural town for Wesleyan University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies with Honors. After graduating, Noah flew to Shenzhen, China, as an artist-in-residence with UNI, a small local studio that focuses on a mix of commercial and artistic content. He has since moved to Los Angeles where he has been able to truly turn his focus to creating and sharing stories based in the rural myths and tales and express the unique world of his upbringing. He works as a freelancer and was recently named a 2019 Fellow for the Deutsche Bank Frieze Los Angeles Film Award more...

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