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An uninhibited 10-year-old girl, who has experienced an unconventionally sheltered life, struggles to reclaim her voice and find her sanity after a sudden tragedy rips away the umbrella protecting her against all that would diminish her spirit.  With her support system—her mother, sister, aunt, and community in ruins, she flounders in finding her place miles away in a new family with her wealthy occasional father, his wife, and his stepdaughter. 

Penny's story explores the detriment in dismissing the voices of children and the power in uplifting them—the disproportionate value of parental entitlement versus parental involvement.  It explores the beauty in community that extends far beyond physical structures and stereotypes. In New Orleans, I have witnessed the old and the young of neighborhoods rally, voluntarily and without recognition, around children at those crucial moments that will define how they interact and contribute to our world.  A priceless phenomenon occurring I'm sure, in all the places you hear bad things about in headlines. 

This summer, I was personally inspired to tell this story so here are the first ten pages of a short film I hope to develop this fall/spring.  Thanks for taking the time to read it and I would be sincerely grateful for your feedback.

New Orleans, LA, USA

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