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A LITTLE QUEER follows the pubescent life of Rafe Quackenbush, a closeted gay kid growing up in North Carolina in the 1970's. His family is a colorful crew with an appearance conscious mother, a hot-and-cold alcoholic father and two older sisters - one a sneaky bombshell and the other an idealistic tyrant. The family struggles with being more free spirited than the world they live in but nobody more so than Rafe who's known that he was dangerously different since he was six years old. Well, not just different but... a little queer.

The story is based in no small part on my own life.

The pages submitted here are an absolute first draft.

Thanks for giving it a look!

Jay Floyd
Los Angeles, CA, USA
My first film, Forgiving the Franklins, opened at the festival in 2006. I started making films around the age of 12... hopefully they've improved since then. After attending NYU's film school I moved to Los Angeles and have lived here ever since. I've run a legal clearance business servicing 'the industry' for two decades but storytelling is my true love.

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