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A pitch video for a post-post-apocalyptic short film about a soldier coming home after a humanity-ending war to find her daughters, the last generation, making a flag for their community. They want her to help them.

A smaller story from another spec feature I’m currently re-writing, THE FOOL’S HERO.

P.S. If you’re going to ask if I like Tolkien because I look like an Elf, (1) That hair thing was not intentional and (2) Never heard that before.

West Hollywood, CA, USA
Cattell started as theater kid in Minneapolis, cast exclusively in queer roles for some completely unknown reason. They decided to become a film writer-director but a decade of misdiagnosed illness made that impossible, so they turned to the publishing industry. Still chatting with the theater world, they were on the verge of sending out a speculative fiction novel manuscript when the first decent doctor called. They took several carloads of books to local used bookstores (thus fulfilling their Book People friends’ worst suspicions) and sold the guitars they could permanently part with, then bought a used C100 on eBay. Then they trashed their own novel manuscript so there was no going back. Progressively less terrible scripts and short films ensued. Some got accepted to film festivals. They re-located, settling into Los Angeles in time for a pandemic. A friend once told them they seemed to be a magnet for every ridiculously terrible thing that could happen to a person, saying she hoped things balanced out eventually. It seems possible they have, if only because "Every ludicrously terrible thing possible happens" is excellent preparation for the role of film director. more...

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