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My family hails from Blaenavon, a small town located at the head of the South Wales Valleys. Once renowned for its coal works, towns like Blaenavon are now relics, haunted by a violent history of working-class struggle, poverty and death. Welsh working people were once expected to put their lives on the line to provide for their families, despite ongoing mining accidents / explosions, resulting in the deaths of thousands. I wanted to examine this trauma through a young boy’s eyes, shining light on an area of Welsh history that is so often ignored.

Pontypool NP4, UK
Welsh writer & director with a tireless love for film. My work has received screenings and awards at Academy and BAFTA-qualifying film festivals. Primarily, my interests lie in the poetic, mystique and everything Welsh. Influenced by the likes of Ingmar Bergman, Kelly Reichardt and Lynne Ramsay. I'm looking to collaborate with like-minded individuals and eager to promote the Welsh arts across film and TV. more...

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