Sundance Advisor-in-Residence

Jennie Lew Tugend

Los Angeles, California, United States | Producer

Jennie Lew Tugend has produced some of the industry’s most memorable franchises: THE FREE WILLY trilogy, LETHAL WEAPON 1,2,3 and HBO's TALES FROM THE CRYPT. As former Co-President of Kadokawa Pictures USA, Tugend was a producer on ONE MISSED CALL, a WB release and two episodes of Showtime’s MASTERS OF HORROR. More

Sundance Collab Advisors-in-Residence are trusted members of the Sundance community who have experience in their creative or industry practice and have generously offered to support other creative voices who are developing their craft or new work. Many of our Sundance Collab Advisors-in-Residence are alumni of the Sundance Labs and Festival and bring their expertise and meaningful feedback to creators in the Sundance Collab community.